Grow a brand from your inner soil, so every time you look at your branding it still gives you butterflies

You hear it loud and clear — it’s your calling

You are on a mission to inspire change by contributing your talents to a better world. Every turn you have ever made in your life has led you here. Our creative studio is an inclusive digital garden. Take a stroll, have a chat, learn how to plant new ideas to boost your brand’s bloom.

As a business-owner you understand the value of consistent branding when it comes to establishing your digital presence, captivating your ideal audience and mesmerising your dream clients.

But you can’t do it all by yourself. We get it. It’s time-consuming to craft and maintain a flourishing brand ecosystem. We are here to guide you with aligned strategy, design, photography and tools so you can get back to doing whatever nourishes your inner soil. Our doors are always open.

Visual delights for plant people and everyone who works with nature. Go ahead, have some. You deserve it.


Whether you want to plant a fresh idea or redo your digital garden — roll up your sleeves, get your gardening gloves on and let’s dig in. This formula has all the nutritions to keep you rising towards your mission with confidence. From a fresh brand identity to a cohesive social presence for your community.


Rise up by crafting your own digital space to showcase what makes your business special and why. Knowing that your eco-conscious website is captivating your dream clients while you go about your daily life brings peace to mind.

Root and Bloom Studio is born out of love for creativity and nature.

Nice to see you here, my name is Aksana

I‘m a plant lover, a dog mom and a visual storyteller. In the summer of ’21 I decided to go out on my own and Root & Bloom Studio was born.

Since then, my Mondays have become fundays. And I want the same for you. The world needs more brands to stand up for what they believe in, inspire others to get outdoors, heal and build a life that’s nourished by nature. Are you ready to bring your ideas to life and turn your ideal audience into admiring fans?