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Groovy Gardenia – Template Pack

Groovy Gardenia Canva Instagram Template Pack Root and Bloom Studio

Groovy Gardenia – Template Pack


Funk it up! Elevate your Instagram look with our vibrant Groovy Gardenia Template Pack. Ideal for coaches, social media managers, copywriters and everyone in between who wants to work smarter, not harder.

The Pack contains 17 story + reel covers, 48 posts and 19 highlight covers in Canva - that's 84 templates in total!

What you'll get:

  • Variations of reel covers
  • Stories, including announcements, count down stickers, text + links, and more
  • Highlight covers, including plain colours + covers with custom visual elements
  • Posts, including formats for photos, mock-ups, memes, announcements, carrousels with front + end post, testimonials, quotes, and many more

Even the tiniest details in these templates are adjustable, like the custom patterns + the flowers. Get creative and make it your own by customising the fonts, colours and photo's. Play with the elements and craft infinite variations of the pre-made templates. No design knowledge needed.

The perks:

  • Save time and create batches of content quickly with proven to work templates
  • Focus on what fills your cup instead of worrying about designing
  • Save money, no need to hire a designer
  • Easy to customise to match your brands vibe
  • Turn your Instagram into a cohesive and inviting space
  • Get inspired by the formats and generate new content ideas consistently

The Canva Template Pack is instantly downloadable after purchase. Start crafting right away and watch those likes roll-in!

What you need

A Canva account to easily adjust the templates on both desktop and mobile app.


One purchase comes with a licence for one Instagram account. If you plan on using these templates for multiple accounts, please purchase a copy for each. We absolutely appreciate your support. The photo's used in this template pack are placeholders, please replace them with your own content.


Due to the digital nature of this product, this purchase is non-refundable. Please read our terms or contact us at if you have any questions before purchasing this product.

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