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Get your brand noticed and loved with strategically aligned branding

Fresh brand + content

The market is overgrown and every brand is screaming for attention. So how do you stand out from the crowd? By crafting a brand so insanely captivating that you effortlessly attract your ideal audience and turn your customers into admiring fans who come to you. If you feel like your brand is not at this level yet, then you know it’s time to regenerate the soil and invest in a rearrangement, if you want to...

  • Craft a brand beyond compare
  • Establish your brand as an industry expert
  • Communicate your brand’s eccentric story with clarity
  • Improve your social media presence
  • Bond with your ideal audience and pave the way for long-term loyalty

One of the things that have helped me and my clients grow is having a consistent brand that is rooted in your values and beliefs. Once you have figured out your growth direction, it’s easier to express your one-of-a-kind energy and connect with your dream clients.

Super Soil formula

This formula enriches your inner soil and provides a clear and consistent growth direction for your brand across all channels.

Let’s grow a brand from your inner soil, so every time you look at your branding it still gives you butterflies.

Your formula includes:

  • Exploration Journey
  • 1:1 Strategy Session
  • Colour palette, Font pairing + Moodboard
  • Logo + Sub marks
  • Brand Book
  • Social Templates Package (Canva or XD)
  • Chat support during the project

Ready to craft an memorable brand?

Investment from € 990 excl. VAT


Super Soil formula is ideal for you, if...

  • You have an exciting idea and you are ready to invest in a good start for your budding business, but you don’t have the branding + marketing knowledge that is required to grow your business.

  • It feels like you have outgrown your current branding. Not being confident about your look-and-feel can stop you from unfolding. You believe that it’s time to prune, rearrange and reflourish your brand, but you don’t have the right tools to do so.

We dig in and go beyond the visual...

  • You’ll get clear on why you're here, who you serve, and what you stand for. Branding that is rooted in your inner soil magnetises the attention of your ideal audience effortlessly and makes doing business a lot more natural, comfortable, and fun.

  • We don’t just craft the visual deliverables, we define a clear growth direction for years to come. It’s like a fresh breeze going through your content – you will have more confidence and clarity to show up consistently.

We went back to the roots of my business, to redefine my mission and get a clear picture of who my dream audience is. It felt like a journey — the name Exploration Journey describes it very well. Everything suddenly became much clearer for myself — what I stand for and what I want to exude. I have so much more clarity about my brand now + a brand identity to match. You totally nailed it! Oh, and whenever I need guidance or inspiration I turn back to the Brand Book, which also helps me with the content creation for my socials.
- Jaimy, Nova Luna Yoga

Cultivate creativity

We don’t just work for you, we work with you. Consider us your creative partner who will inspire you to get creative. We are here to show you how to blossom into your full potential. It’s not just a web project, it’s an exploration journey and we are your guides.

Rise up

We aim to make agency quality standards approachable and affordable for small businesses who want to contribute to a greater good. With 8+ years of experience in the creative industry, we know exactly how to transform fresh ideas into a flourishing business — or how to reflourish an existing business.

Be the change

Through our strategic and personal approach we think along and beyond to amplify your impact. It’s not just about growing cool brands, it’s about growing consciousness about how you can utilise your talents to contribute to a better world in your own way.

Your growth process

Just like a plant, a brand requires love, patience and care to flourish.

We fully throw ourselves into your concept to craft a visually appealing and memorable experience that matches your vibe.


Let’s get acquainted

We start with a 30 minute-long alignment call to see if we are a match. During this call we explore your concept, your goals and how we can help you achieve them.


The starter kit

If we both say ‘yes’, we’ll kick-off the project with our welcome guide. The guide is a playbook which helps us to stay aligned on the roadmap, communication and other practical things. The Welcome Guide unlocks your Exploration Journey.


Exploration Journey

Let’s go on a field trip! The Exploration Journey is an online environment full of fun assignments. During your Exploration Journey you’ll get more clarity on what you love doing, what you are really good at and what the world needs. Followed by a 1:1 Brand Strategy Session to help you align and integrate all your finds into a Brand Book.


Formula Magic

Based on the Brand Book we start mixing and creating. With carefully selected ingredients we translate your strategy into appealing visual deliverables. Together we cultivate creativity by involving you in every step of the growth process. First you'll get the logo, typography and colour palette proposal. After approval we will follow up with the rest of your visual deliverables, like brand collateral and your social media templates pack to ensure you don't just get a logo. But a full branding package to show up consistent allowing it to work its magic.


The reveal

After final approval, we will wrap everything up and deliver it to you + celebrate our collaboration with a personalised gift. You’ll get all the support and training you need on how to use your digital products. After that, it’s time to to reveal what we’ve been planting.

Brand Strategist + Designer

Aksana here

With 8+ years of experience in content marketing, I infuse the design principles with storytelling and business coaching. When you embody your values, you don't need to sound pushy or salesy to get attention - you effortlessly attract it. Let’s cross-pollinate your business goals with matching content across the social media landscape. And turn your followers into admiring fans with a consistent brand identity and social templates. Rise towards your mission with clarity and confidence.
Let’s Flourish

Questions? We’ve got answers

How many proposals will I get?

We standardly apply the One Concept Approach to all of our services. It allows us to focus more on the creation and rationale to present you one solid concept that aligns with your strategy. If you prefer two proposals, then we also offer Two Concept Approach at an additional fee.

What do I need before we start?

Our formulas work best when you already have a name for your business and an idea of what you are going to offer.

Can I book separate services?

For returning clients we are more than happy to offer our services separately based on our hourly rate. If you did not grow your brand with us, we want to check if we are a match first.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Sure, you can pay in two or max three installments. Per installment we charge 1% extra of the total rate. For example if you purchase a branding valued at €1290 and you want to pay in three installments, this is what your payment plan will look like: 1st month – €442.90, 2nd month €442.90 + 3rd month €442.90, total: €1328,70. If you want to save money, choose to pay in full.

Not sure about something? Get in touch, we’re always around to help.
Let’s chat

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