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Empower your story with magnetic brand photography

Branding shoot

You have a relentless desire to contribute your gifts to the world. With your talents you help others, so that they can create a ripple effect. Enhance your brand ecosystem with magnetic photography and instantly connect with your ideal audience. Show them who you are and what you can bring to the table.

  • Wave the cheesy and overused stock photos goodbye
  • Get the most out of your marketing content by sharing photos that magnetise the attention instead of demanding it
  • Gain the confidence and the tools to start promoting your products or services more frequently and consistently

We all love a good story, but you can make it even more powerful with photography that is aligned with your mission. The secret ingredient for magnetic photography is your one-of-a-kind energy. Ready to rise towards your mission?

Book your shoot

See our clients bloom through photography

So happy with these beautiful pictures. They make my brand story so much more powerful! It was a pleasure to work with you and can’t wait for our future collaborations.
- Kimberly, essence marketing and

Pick a pack of photos

Give your brand the boost it deserves by crafting your own noteworthy photo library

This photo pack includes 25 carefully selected and edited photos and is ideal for personal branding.

  • 2 hours of photography
  • Including portraits + atmospheric shots
  • On location
  • Creative direction + moodboard
  • High-res + low-res files
  • Enhancement for your website or sales page
  • About 2 months of social media content if you post 3 times a week

Ready to craft your own truly one-of-a-kind content?


This photo pack includes 50 carefully selected and edited photos and is ideal for workshops or events.

  • 4 hours of photography
  • Including portraits + atmospheric shots
  • On location
  • Creative direction + moodboard
  • High-res + low-res files
  • Enhancement for your website or sales page
  • About 4 months of social media content if you post 3 times a week

Ready to craft captivating content?


Our approach

Once you book a branding shoot, we align on how your desired photography can support your business goals.


Let’s align

When you book your branding shoot, it’s time to chat with Aksana. We align on a date, location + what is needed to make the shoot a success. Shortly after you’ll get the invoice for your booking.


Visualise the vibe

The next step is to create a joint Pinterest board to match your goals, colour palette and set the vibe for the shoot.


The shoot

On the day of the shoot we’ll go through the planning. Don’t worry if you are camera shy. Aksana will guide you through the shoot. If you want, there is time for a 10 minute guided grounding meditation to feel more at ease.


Your gallery

After the shoot it takes up to 3 weeks to select and edit the photos. We believe that quality content deserves to be crafted with care, because we want you to be proud of the result. Your photos will be delivered in a personal gallery with the option to download all the photos in high-res (print) and low-res (web) format.

Founder & Brand Photographer

Aksana here

Since I’ve discovered photography at the design school, my camera has been my pal on all of my journeys. Capturing all kinds of moments gave me a different perspective on mundane things. I’m always on a quest to find cool settings, colours, shadows, textures etc. to expand my photo library.

Crafting your own photo library adds personality and authenticity to your brand. You know what they say, be the energy you want to attract. I’m here to help you do exactly that by pouring my creativity and expertise into your branding shoot.

Let’s shoot

Questions? We’ve got answers

How can I prepare?

Get your brand book on the table and check if your ideas for a branding shoot are aligned with your current strategy. If you don’t have a brand book, you can create a desired color palette + mood on Pinterest. Dive into your closet (or your friends closet 😉) and gather a couple of matching outfits. If you need help with anything, we are happy to brainstorm together! Tip: always align your branding shoot with your current goals and communicate the desired formats (landscape, square, portrait etc) for the photography + share your Pinterest board.

Are the photos licensed?

You can use the photos on your own channels, like socials, website, newsletter, ads etc. If a third party would like to use the photos (for example in a magazine), you can tell them to contact us. Please add our credits each time you publish the photos. On socials, a tag in the photo + description with is sufficient and much appreciated! Let's support each other and do more good.

May I edit the photos?

Nope, clients book us based on how our work looks like and if you edit the photos it misrepresents our style. Your photos are always professionally edited by us with a natural preset. If you want to know more about the copyright, please contact us or read our terms.

When can I expect the results?

Aksana will work her magic on the photography and send out a professional gallery within max 3 weeks after the shoot.

I want to shoot in a studio, is that an option?

Sure, we can advise on a location and help you find the perfect fit. If you ask us, we are a huge fan of natural light and will always recommend a day light studio. On Instagram we’ve created a Guide with our favourite studios, check it out.

Do you charge a travel fee?

Yes, it’s €0,30 per kilometer. If the travel time is longer than 1 hour, we will also charge our hourly rate per traveled hour.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Sure, you can pay in max three instalments. Per instalment we charge 5% extra of the total rate. For example if you book a shoot of €400 and you want to pay in two instalments, this is what your payment plan will look like: 1st month – €220 + 2nd month €220, total: €480. If you want to save money, choose to pay in full.

Not sure about something? Get in touch, we’re always around to help.
Let’s chat

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